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Switching Browsers

Sometimes for some reasons that you surely know, my firefox browser slows down etc. And it’s not always the browser, and it’s not firefox, no, it’s the connection.

But I’m used to blame the browser. I’ll tell you another secret ;)

My connection to the WWW is not per cable, it’s over air. Some waves etc. I got a little white box that makes the connection.


when the weather is, like today, foggy, cloudy, rainy, the clouds hanging deep, and I’m here in the midst of mountains the Internet connection can get reeaaal slow.

Now, as I said above, I tend to use the browser for this.


Because. Now it’s night. It’s dark outside. I can see the browser, but I can’t see the clouds outside, though I know that they are there or here or above me.

Ehem, got the joke?

Happy Universe on Tumblr

Thanks to Tumblr and everybody involved here for providing this space!

Happy Universe is, just like the Happy Universe Blog at blogger, an experiment for which I have and had no ‘VorBild’ so far. With the upcoming of twitter and the craze or hype about it and through it, a lot of new possibilities opened up.

It became much easier, to get to know each other and to connect.

So I start now a kind of ‘friendship’ project. Actually it might be more something like an open friendbook. A place ¬†where friends from the various networks have their place in posts on their own, where they can update their post if they like to do that (through the comment function). Actually pretty simple the concept.

Each friend gets at least two backlinks, one to his twitter (or other social network account) and one to his favorite blog or site. This together with maybe some screenshots or pics etc. Stuff that friends send.

Ok. Now you know the big secret before everyone else.

Glad that you are here and check.

One Motto for this place is:

Happy Universe - Be happy & make otheres happy.

Yes, that could be kind of an art.

This is not my first tumblr blog. My first one is ‘ChokingYouth’. Yes, strange title indeed. However if I should justify this title, I’d write a book about it and everybody would have to put their feet in their mouths.

So better don’t ask. :)

Have a happy day!